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Healing and Recovery Through Horses



KVUE story on HARTH Hank Cavagnaro January 29, 2021
Daniel Clifton

Daily Trib Article: October 2020

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Great Article about HARTH - Highland Lakes Visitor's Guide December 2019

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Horse Assisted Therapy for Veterans "As prey animals, horses are hypervigilant until they learn they are not in danger. ... Because of their own hypervigilance, veterans with PTSD easily understand and can relate to the trust and hypervigilance in a horse."  Read more about Horse Assisted Therapy.

Horse Poop Bingo LIVE on Thursday, August 20th at 6:30pm!

Join us for an exciting virtual event on Thursday, August 20 at 6:30pm! 

Here's how it works:  Pre-purchase a square, or squares ($5 for 1 square; $25 for 6 squares).  When you fill in the form, put your square choices in the "Comments" box. 

On Thursday, August 20th, starting at 6;30pm, the horses will be fed and turned loose in the arena.  Then we wait for the first horse to poop!  Once the horse poops, we determine the square the horse pooped in (only 1 square chosen) and all the names of people who purchased this square will be put together and 3 names will be drawn.   There will be 3 great prizes and the winner doesn't have to be watching to win!  

Three great prize baskets!  More details on the prizes coming soon. 

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There are many ways to help including financial donations, horse sponsorships (join our Blue Ribbon Club), special needs individuals scholarship program (participate in our Helping Hands Program), volunteering, donating supplies and much more.  Our programs are possible due to donations and the generosity of our sponsors and supporters. 


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Telephone: 512.656.7698 

3307 Sunset Cliff Road
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