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Horse Assisted Therapy for Veterans "As prey animals, horses are hypervigilant until they learn they are not in danger. ... Because of their own hypervigilance, veterans with PTSD easily understand and can relate to the trust and hypervigilance in a horse."  Read more about Horse Assisted Therapy.

Our Mission

Aid healing and recovery thru horses


Our Vision

To improve the quality of life for humans and horses


Why horses?

Founder and Board President, Sherry Atherton, has been a fan of horses since she was a little girl.  She has experienced over and over the calming affect a horse can bring.  Having faced many changes and personal challenges, she often turned to her horses to help her deal with the turmoil of everyday life.  Being a cancer survivor herself, she knows only too well the feelings that go with a major life upheaval.  Now that Sherry has retired from corporate life and her daughter has graduated and joined the corporate world, Sherry felt it was time to 'give back'.  And what better way than sharing the horse experience with people who can really benefit.   She enlisted the help of long-time horseshow friend, Priscialla Flawn-Chopp, who knew first hand about the benefits of horse assisted counseling.  With Priscilla's educational focus on counseling along with her horse experience, the mission came to life.  It's been a lot of hard work but well worth it!   Together they did the research, interviewed countless experts in the field and put together the groundwork for HARTH Foundation.