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Horse Assisted Therapy for Veterans

"As prey animals, horses are hypervigilant until they learn they are not in danger. ... Because of their own hypervigilance, veterans with PTSD easily understand and can relate to the trust and hypervigilance in a horse."  Read more about Horse Assisted Therapy.

Duetta (aka "Fuzzy") is a beautiful, bay mare and is the youngest horse in the barn.  "Fuzzy" was bred at Sunset Cliff Farms and is the only embryo transfer baby that we have.  Fuzzy's mom was an absolutely amazing horse, placing at the top levels in the US.  In order to allow 'mom' to continue showing and still produce offspirng, embryo transfer technology was used.  Duetta turned out just like her mom and is quite an athlete!  She is playful and sweet - all in one cute little package!   She is trusting and innocent and is curious about everything.  Her stall has a first hand view of the grooming stalls so she is always in the middle of what is happening and absolutely loves it! 

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