Back In The Saddle

Back In The Saddle

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Back In The Saddle Pilot Program is a 6-week course for Veterans

Class takes place once per week and is a great introduction to working with and around horses.  The purpose of this course is to assist in regulating social skills and mental well-being through an activity based relationship with a horse which include studying the proper management, care, and handling of a horse. Topics will include horse behavior, basic groundwork, haltering, leading, horse behaviors, proper lounging techniques, and mounted work.  These activities are organized to help clients in areas of assertiveness, relationships, trust, patience, communication, body language, confidence, and overall emotional regulation.  Participants’ emphasis will be on hands on participation. Participants will have adequate time to apply these principles to a horse and are given opportunities to reflect on how these principles apply to their life. Goals will be set and participants will work to reach these goals  This course is open only to veterans.  The cost of the class is $100 for the entire 6 weeks.   Advance registration, completed application, and payment is required.  Sessions will be scheduled with the instructor.

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