Dr. Elizabeth DeFily of Bluebonnet Veterinary Clinic kicks off our Helping Hands Scholarship Program for those with special needs.  A BIG thank you to Elizabeth DeFily, DVM for her generous donation to our program! 


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Horse Assisted Therapy for Veterans "As prey animals, horses are hypervigilant until they learn they are not in danger. ... Because of their own hypervigilance, veterans with PTSD easily understand and can relate to the trust and hypervigilance in a horse."  Read more about Horse Assisted Therapy.

Studio 54 (aka "Harpo") is a unforgettable 16+ hand chestnut Oldenburg.   His unique white face is unforgettable and his beautiful, big, brown eyes just make you want to hug him!  Harpo has had an incredibly successful show career and has shown all over the country and knows the inside of the trailer better than his own stall!  He has shown at the top levels in the US including prestigous indoors along with Wellington, FL, Indio/Thermal CA, Kentucky, St. Louis, Texas and much more!  He is a very sensitive horse and has had 2 colic surgeries!   He is now on his very own special diet and with all the love and attention he gets, he couldn't be happier.  If you see him after his meal, you'll see how much he enjoys his special 'soup' since his face is covered in it!

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