The programs offered by HARTH Foundation are all free of charge to veterans, active duty service members and their families with the goal of helping to improve their quality of life. HARTH Foundation focuses on mental health and well-being, including readjustment issues. According to the American Psychological Association, 44% of veterans report readjustment difficulties after returning from deployments in Iraq and/or Afghanistan.  At HARTH, though we do not incorporate riding activities in our programs, major therapeutic benefits through activities with horses such as grooming and interactions on the ground are widely accepted as beneficial for participants. These activities are important for bonding, working on trust and building relationships, among other benefits.

HARTH Foundation Programs and Services

Horsemanship I and II: These two certification classes are structured around learning about the basic principles of horsemanship, and are taught over a six-week period. Members are required to come once a week for six weeks, and registration is required. Horsemanship classes are taught by an equestrian professional and involve unmounted work with the horse which incorporates touch, environment, and a strong necessity to build a relationship with the horse through communication skills.  Participants learn about horse safety, horse anatomy, breed differences, body language, longeing, leading, grooming, judging, principles of communicating with the horse, communicating through pressure points, judging and much more. Attendees will receive a certificate upon completion of  each session.

Private Group Sessions:  HARTH can tailor a day or weekend session to fit the needs of your organization.  For fees and more information, please contact us.